About Us

QUICK & DIRTY = Spontaneous, Adventurous, & Epic Times🤘❤️🔥 Come along for the ride! Est. 2014
We’re an outdoor adventure, get yourself dirty, maybe a little rowdy, but always respectful, clean yourself up and hit the town, work your tail off, but still ❤️ to relax & snuggle kinda lifestyle brand for men and women. Did that cover everything?💪😅
Our gear is very versatile and durable, and for the money we hear over and over and over and over from fans 🙏❤️ about how ridiculously comfortable and high quality it is. We’re so grateful for their loyalty! By posting and sharing on social media they also show us how it inspires them to get themselves up for one or more of many epic outdoor adventures, chill bonfire nights, slow pokin’ down a back road, twinning with a bff, or gettin’ cozy for some under the covers snuggling 🥰😇  If you could see what all we’ve seen!🤘😍🔥🙈😂
Seriously, just about every type of person wears our gear doing just about any type of thing. We did however notice a lot of y’all are country and blue collar folks doing mostly sick stuff and loving the hell out of it. So we try to represent those interests and mindsets with super sick, cute & clever, badass designs and sayings. And of course bold and forward trending color combinations. Come along as we set the bar!✌️🤩
Yep, we learned along the way “country” and/or “blue collar” can be inside anybody, and that’s fundamentally what we LOVE about y’all. We also realized it’s what we ❤️ about ourselves.
We try to live life “comfortably”, with good intentions, navigating the best we can, to get the most out of what we have in front of us. Come along for the ride! Everyone is welcome!! 🛻💨
We’re just a small town family owned & operated American business working to make customers comfortable while reminding them of what they love most about themselves and a way to represent what they love about their lives through our designs and apparel.
Muddy Apparel is a fan-passion driven brand based in Jacksonville, Texas. All products designed and produced in the United States 🇺🇸❤️