About Us

We’re an outdoor adventure, get yourself dirty, or clean up and hit the town, work your tail off, but still loves to snuggle…kinda lifestyle brand for men and women.
Versatile, ridiculously comfortable, quality gear for epic outdoor adventures or for cozy under the covers. Everybody wears our gear, everywhere, but we noticed it’s mostly country and blue collar folks and mostly doing sick stuff. So we try to represent those markets and interests with super cute, clever, catchy, badass and maybe slightly edgy 😇 designs and sayings. Along with bold and forward trending color combinations.
Something we’ve learned along the way is “country” and/or “blue collar” can be in just about anybody, and we LOVE that about y’all.  We are just a brand for anyone looking to live life comfortably, on their terms, so everyone is welcome!
We also know we’re not for everybody, just make sure you don’t read too much into it, or you’ll get the wrong impression about our brand. It’s all about the best in life, and not taking life too seriously. We’re just a small town family owned American business working our butts off to give customers more to love about themselves and a way to represent that in their lives through our designs.
Muddy Apparel is a fan interest driven brand based in Jacksonville, Texas. All products designed and produced in the United States.