There’s something different about nurses that makes us love them so much. It’s hard to describe in full detail, but maybe we can try to sum it up with a brand collection celebrating nurses around the world.

This brand is for the nurse, from the nurse, in support of the nurse. We would love for you to support our love and support for the nursing community, in your way. Maybe you are a nurse, maybe your bff is a nurse, maybe a nurse you know needs a pick me up, a thank you, or maybe just because. Or maybe the rest of us want to rep the collection to show our appreciation for the comfort + purpose nurses provide in people’s lives.

Regardless of the reasons you support nurses and this collection, do so with the confidence you’ll receive the same super cute and comfy quality and service that you get from the Muddy Apparel brand. Thanks so much for your support, and CAN’T WAIT to see you in your gear!!